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Take advantage of Pacific Rim’s extensive Human Resources and recruitment experience. We will determine your short term and long term needs, assess the strategic importance of the role to your organization, and develop a strategy to successfully meet your immigration goals.


We will guide you through the necessary steps including advertising your job, and building your case to demonstrate you have a real recruitment need in your organization that can’t be filled with available Canadian talent.

Using our experience in both corporate and start-up organizations, we can assist you with explaining the process and timelines to senior management and managing their expectations. Pacific Rim specializes in LMIA applications and has a proven track record of approvals which will save your company the hassle of significant delays, and ultimately fill your skills gap more quickly.

Our Services

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)

Leveraging our HR background and extensive experience in completing this application, we can build the case for you (the Employer) and complete the application on your behalf.


The purpose of the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) process is to allow Employers to hire foreign workers where there are no qualified Canadian employees available. However, because the LMIA is such an arduous application many Employers choose to extend their search within Canada, hire unqualified candidates, or adjust business strategy rather than to hire a qualified foreign worker.


We make this process simple for you!

LMIA Exempt Occupations

Wherever possible we look for ways to avoid the LMIA application process. For some occupations, or due to international agreements, you won’t need to obtain an LMIA to hire a foreign worker.


We assess whether your candidate would be considered LMIA Exempt and complete the application on your behalf.


Some examples include free-trade agreements, and intra-company transferees.

Some examples of LMIA-exempt work permits include:

  • NAFTA Investors, Professionals and Traders

  • Free trade agreements – GATS, Canada-Chile, Canada-Peru, Canada-Colombia

  • Intra-Company Transferee

  • Significant Benefit

  • Emergency Repairs

  • Charitable and Religious Workers

No Work Permit Required

For some individuals they can work in Canada without a work permit as they will not be entering the Canadian labour market. In these specific instances you (the Employer) would not be required to obtain a Work Permit for your employee.


We can review your eligibility and provide advisory services regarding your entry and application to enter and work in Canada without a Work Permit.

Some examples of those that are work permit exempt include:

  • Business visitors

  • Full-time students working on-campus

  • Athletes & Coaches

  • Film crew and media reporters



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