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Obtaining permanent residency is a significant life choice and it is not a small task. Luckily, we can take on much, if not all, of the burden for you. 

Our Services

Express Entry

We provide you with a comprehensive assessment based on your background providing you with the viable options for you to apply for PR. We then complete and submit the PR application on your behalf.

Express Entry is a federal points-based system to determine who will be “invited” by the Government to apply for permanent residency. To qualify to become an Express Entry candidate, you must meet the eligibility requirements for either the Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, or Federal Skilled Trades stream.  

Provincial Nominee Programs

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are an excellent way for Individuals to apply for their PR as well as for Employers to obtain a Work Permit for their foreign worker. PNPs vary from province to province and requirements have been known to change with little notice.  


We assess whether a PNP is a viable option for you as well as complete and submit the application on your behalf. 

If you are selected by the Province (“Nominated”) you receive a Support letter for your Work Permit, and 600 points towards your PR application, which guarantees you will be invited to apply for your PR through Express Entry.

Family / Spousal Sponsorship

There are many ways to bring your family to Canada however the process can be complex depending on your, and your family’s situation. 

We assess your background to determine which application process best fits your family's situation. After determining which class and sponsorship stream provides you with your best option for success, we will develop a checklist to gather the documentation and information needed so that we can submit your application on your behalf.


Becoming a Canadian Citizen takes time –  but we think it is worth it! 

The process is not easy, takes patience, and at times can be frustrating as the process is very bureaucratic. However, we can manage the entire process for you while you continue to live and enjoy your life in Canada.



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